Wright Family Adventures


Dylan’s Top Ten – Week Two

#1  The Human Body Exhibit at the Science Center. This was really cool.  We were swallowed alive, and traveled our way down through the body & its organs & yes…we came out the “you-know-what.”    ...


Adventures in Singapore – week 1

Yay!!!  We made it to Singapore & through our first week here.  Like we said in one of our first posts, we landed in Singapore just after midnight on Sunday, September 28th.  After retrieving...


Dylan’s Top Ten – week one

#1  The MRT (or Subway – not the sandwich shop, although they have them here and we had them for dinner one night).  Learning how to get around on the MRT has saved me...


Are we there yet?

At 5:00 a.m. on Friday, September 26th, the Wright family departed (with 7 large suitcases plus carry-ons) for their 27 hour journey to Singapore.  We flew from Austin, TX to Los Angeles, CA to...


Precursor to an adventure

Many of you may be wondering…why the heck would the Wright family move to Singapore???  Well…I’m hoping that this first post might give you a better sense of our insanity.  It all started about...


As some of you know we have a big adventure ahead of us in Singapore! This is where we will chronicle all the fun! More to come…. David