Monthly Archive: January 2015


Adventures in Singapore – Week 15

Hello y’all.  Hope everyone is having a splendid weekend!  We had another fun week in Southeast Asia.  This week, as part of Dylan’s home-school co-op group, I started teaching a little tennis class.  It...


Dylan’s Top Ten – Week 15

1.  Smoothie King (almost as good as Jamba Juice) 2.  Hangin’ with my Homies 3.  Helping Mom teach tennis (even in the rain) 4.  Watching the Noodle Man 5.  Food at The Noodle Man...


Dylan’s Top Ten – Week 14

1.  Riding my new scooter all over 2.  Staying up late every night with Dad 3.  The Daily Scoop Ice Cream Cafe – we went twice this week! Awesome “Cookie Monster” ice cream!!! 4....